How Favourable or Poor is the Prognosis of Tics

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Jun 29, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Tics is an uncontrollable movement or sound.
  • Tics tends to disappear after a year or post adoloscence.
  • Exposure to anabolic steroids or cocaine can cause tics.
  • Chronic physical illness during childhood can decide the nature of prognosis.

A tic is the abrupt and uncontrollable movement or sound that is not related to a person’s normal gestures. For instance, if a person is suffering from tics, he/she may blink rapidly and repeatedly, even if there is nothing is irritating his/her eyes.

Each person experiences this disorder differently; so, while someone may suffer from either noises or uncontrolled movements. Tics are more commonly experienced in children and it may last for a year.

The prognosis for most cases of tics and tic disorders is very good. In most of the cases, tics diminish in severity and finally disappear as the child grows older. In Tourette syndrome, at least 85 percent of the affected children find that their tics has diminished or gone away completely during or after adolescence. Tics that tend to linger beyond teenage years can become permanent i.e. a life-long condition.

tics prognosis
There are certain factors that can be associated with poorer prognosis. These factors include the following:

•    Chronic physical illness during childhood
•    Physical or emotional abuse in the family or a history of instability in the family
•    History of complications at the time of the child’s birth
•    Comorbid psychiatric or developmental disorders
•    Exposure to anabolic steroids or cocaine

What it is like to live with it

It can be frustrating and embarrassing for someone with tics to live with it. The condition is, however, manageable if proper treatment is provided. If you or your child is going through the treatment currently, you could take steps to prevent the bouts. These steps include taking less stress, consistent therapy and medication, etc.

The parents of a child suffering from tics can play an important role in providing the emotional support that help that the child needs to endure his/her education does not suffer. Tics typically disappear after a few months, though there is a possibility of them developing into more serious conditions.

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