What is the Diagnosis of Arteriosclerosis?

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Dec 30, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Thickening of blood vessels is arteriosclerosis.
  • The blood flow gets restricted in the condition.
  • The condition can take place in any part of body.
  • There are no symptoms of the condition.

When the blood vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body thicken and stiffen, the condition is known as arteriosclerosis. The condition at times restricts the flow of blood to the organs and tissues. Although the arteries are flexible and elastic but, with time the walls in the arteries can harden. Arteriosclerosis is a specific kind of arteriosclerosis. However, the terms can be used interchangeably. The plaques can burst which can lead to blood clot. Though the condition usually affects the heart but, it can take place anywhere in the body. It is a preventable and treatable condition.

Arteriosclerosis Diagnosis

Symptoms of Arteriosclerosis

The condition develops slowly and usually does not have any symptoms. A person does not have symptoms of arteriosclerosis until an artery gets so narrowed or clogged that it stops supplying sufficient blood to the organs and tissues. The symptoms of moderate to severe arteriosclerosis depend on the arteries which have been affected.

Diagnosis of Arteriosclerosis

A physical exam will be conducted by a doctor who will diagnose the condition. The physician shall look for signs of narrowed, enlarged or hardened arteries. Along with the following will be checked by the doctor:


Arteriosclerosis Diagnosis

  • A weak or absent pulse under the narrowed area of the artery
  • Decrease in blood pressure in the affected limb
  • Whooshing sounds over the arteries, which can be used using a stethoscope
  • Evidence showing poor wound healing in the area where the blood flow is restricted

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