What is colonic irrigation?

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Aug 03, 2011

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Colonic irrigation is a hydrotherapy procedure which involves flushing out of hazardous toxic waste encrusted in the colon over a period of time. This process is known to be beneficial in attaining a clearer skin, reducing abdominal bloating, weight loss and boosting energy levels.


A low-fiber, high fat diet intake often leads to the clogging of the colon, thereby reducing its functional efficiency. As the fecal waste of the body is not properly eliminated, it gives rise to parasites and promotes an array of ailments.


To conduct this procedure, a lubricated speculum is inserted in the rectal area and warm water solution is doused into the colon. Thereafter, the flow of water is made to reverse and the water returns with the waste matter. The process is repeated till an outflow of clear water is witnessed. However, it is advisable to get colonic irrigation done only through qualified practitioners as some potent side effects have often been linked to it.



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