What are the causes of Amenorrhea?

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Feb 17, 2012

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Amenorrhea is a symptom of a variety of conditions, ranging from not serious to serious.


• Primary Amenorrhea

o Chromosomal or genetic abnormalities can cause the eggs and follicles involved in menstruation to deplete too early in life.
o Hypothalamic or pituitary diseases and physical problems, such as problems with reproductive organs, can prevent periods from starting.
o Moderate or excessive exercise, eating disorders (such as anorexia nervosa), extreme physical or psychological stress, or a combination of these can disrupt the normal menstrual cycle.

• Secondary amenorrhea

o This problem is much more common than primary amenorrhea.
o Common causes include many of those listed for primary amenorrhea, as well as pregnancy, certain contraceptives, breastfeeding, mental stress, and certain medications.
o Hormonal problems involving the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, ovary, or adrenal glands can also cause amenorrhea.
o Women who have very low body weight sometimes stop getting their periods as well.
o Women with premature ovarian failure stop getting regular their periods before natural menopause.


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