Weight Gain Precautions

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Apr 24, 2012

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Weight Gain Precautions

If you desire a strong, lean and good-shaped physique,  eating calorie-rich food is necessary, but keep in mind that the calories you consume are  rich in nutrients and not just high fats. Other than eating nutritional foods, there are other things that can lead to healthy weight gain. Here are some weight gain precautions that can save you from growing a feeble body.

Limit Junk Food

Your focus should be on healthy weight gain instead of just adding packs to your body. To gain weight, you may be hogging on an excess of oily and junk food forgetting that they have no nutritional value and are high on saturated (‘bad’) fats. Fast food items can increase your weight within a short time, but their excess intake can be a reason for high LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol or obesity.  To be in good shape minus diseases, inclusion of healthy food such as fruits, green vegetables, fresh juices, milk shakes, nuts and eggs is a must. If you find eating healthy and nutritional food boring, cook them with corns, cheese or sauces.


Avoid Drinking Beer

It is a misconception that drinking beer aids in gaining weight.  Beer is high on calories, but regular consumption without exercising can cause accumulation of fats around abdomen making you fat.  It is better to avoid beer or at least limit its intake. Furthermore, keep a watch on your daily consumption of coffee, tea and aerated drinks.


Avoid Masturbation

It is a fact that masturbating can make a person weak and unhealthy because ejaculation results in loss of certain elements such as zinc and vitamins from the body. People, who regularly masturbate, are more lethargic than those who do it occasionally. Your semen nourishes your body and makes it healthy.


Iron supplements: are they safe?

Iron supplements always seem to be the fastest, easiest and safest way to put on weight, but in reality, it is not so. Intake of iron supplements may give you lean and massive body, but have you ever given a thought about the side-effects of iron supplements that can be excruciating?  Some side-effects of iron supplements are headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, backaches and dizziness. In some cases, supplements may result in long-term constipation  or in other words, unwanted extra kilos.

Other Weight Gain Tips

  1. Regular intake of herbs can enhance your appetite aiding in weight gain.
  2. Indulging in intense exercises for one hour will raise your hunger, but do not eat before and after one hour of exercise.
  3. If nothing is working for you, take supplements such as multi-vitamin pills or protein supplements. Before taking the help of supplements, consulting a dietician is advisable.


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