Wear Jeans to Save Environment

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Oct 22, 2012

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Wear Jeans to Save the Environment

‘Wear jeans, save environment’ claim researchers who have come up with the eco-friendly jeans that work in the same manner as catalytic converters in cars.

Professor Ryan of the Sheffield University and Helen Storey of the London College of Fashion discovered that the denim covered with tiny particles of a mineral called titanium dioxide reacts with air and light to break down the harmful emissions present in the air. The emissions produced by traffic and factories are washed away when the denim is laundered.

The pair of Ryan and Storey is working on green science and fashion collaboration called Wonderland for last few years now, which is established as Catalytic Clothing. The breakthrough came when they identified that the microscopic particles of titanium oxide, which are usually contained in glass, paving stones and sun cream, worked as a pollution-buster when sprayed on clothes.

Jeans wearers can now do their bit to save the environment by cleaning the polluted air around only by putting on their favourite pair of jeans.

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