Ways to Prevent Hormonal Imbalance in Men

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Feb 15, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Hormonal imbalance can cause erectile dysfunction, and low libido.
  • Maintaining an ideal weight is important to prevent this.
  • Eat good food like fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly as this helps immensely.

Hormones can strike down upon any man and devastate his life. A man can lose hair, have erectile dysfunction, low libido, insomnia, heart palpitations, and so on and so forth. But if you could prevent it then much of this will cease to show and you will in fact live a healthy life.

Hormones have a great impact on the human body and the imbalances affect both men and women alike. The hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are hormones that are produced in both men and women’s bodies. Amongst these hormones it has been found that testosterone is one of the most important and prominent hormones present in the male body. After 20 years of age a man’s growth hormone begins to fall to about 14% for every ten years and hence by the time he reaches the age of 40 he has actually lost almost half the growth hormones that he had when he was 20. Then by the time he reaches 80 years of age he is left with just 5 percent of the original growth hormones. But the imbalance can happen at any age. How can they be prevented?

men's hormone imbalance

Maintain Body Weight

Maintaining an ideal weight is important when you want to prevent hormonal imbalance. This is considered to be the most important thing that a man can do in order to prevent hormonal imbalance. As your belly fart increases there also starts an increase in activity of the enzyme called acromatase that converts testosterone in the fat cells to estrogen. This leads to the embarrassing development of fat deposition in typical female areas like breast, hips and thighs. Furthermore, this puts you in the risk of prostate cancer.

Eat Well

Poor nutrition is often the root cause of most diseases and much like other diseases imbalance in male hormones can also be rectified with the help of good diet. Try and eat fresh fruits and vegetables and also add nuts and eggs to your diet. If you want to improve your hormones then you should never snack on junk food too. Always avoid excessive sugar consumption, excessive caffeine, red meat and animal fat. Do not consume excessive dairy products, food dyes and processed foods. Also include green tea in your diet.

Exercise Regularly

Exercises much like most other diseases can have a positive effect on your body and can help your hormones to fall back in place. By partaking in a combination of aerobic and resistance training you can increase the production of testosterone. An added benefit would be that exercising will also help top prevent the most common lethal diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

preventing hormone imbalance

Consume Essential Supplements

There are certain essential supplements that could help your situation. These include consuming zinc supplements because almost all aspect of male reproduction including testosterone metabolism, sperm formation and sperm motility depends on this mineral. Another important supplement is DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone. According to a 2006 study DHEA supplement in men of average 65 years of age had such an effect that it increased the testosterone and decrease low density lipoprotein. Antioxidants are also required for you in order to maintain the hormonal balance; this is because testosterone production can decline with advancing age due to oxidative damage in the tissues that produce testosterone.

The best thing for you to do is to consult your doctor in order to figure out whether you really can consume these supplements or not. Also, if in case your hormonal situation is really bad then you definitely need medical treatment.

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