Vitamin D can help Elderly Women Survive

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 18, 2012

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Old woman take tabletVitamin D3 has been found to reduce mortality rate in old women by almost 6 %. The main reason why vitamin D3 intake becomes so crucial is the risk of fractures caused due to falls becomes more pronounced in the elderly.


This research was carried out by a team of 8 researchers including Dr Goran Bjelakov from the University of Nis, in Serbia. For their study, researchers looked at around 50 trials that had happened earlier and which included around 94148 people. Out of this number, 79 % were women and their average age was about 74 years. They were supplied with a daily dose of vitamin D3 which led to the result that mortality rates were affected by 6 %.


However, the researchers did not find any significant benefit from the other forms of vitamin D with this collected data. There are therefore, of the opinion that further research needs to be conducted in order to look at the probable benefits of vitamins such as vitamin D2.


Therefore, elderly women who are at risk of death because of unforeseen events such as unfortunate fall should be provided with a generous supply of vitamin D3 to ensure their safety.



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