A Home Pregnancy test which is Accurate

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Apr 24, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • The kit contains a one test device in the form of a card.
  • This card is useable just one time.
  • It is considered to be a very accurate source for pregnancy testing.
  • If the test shows negative result, repeat after 72 hours.

Velocit home pregnancy test kit is a type of one-step pregnancy diagnosis kit that works by detecting the Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or HCG hormone in the urine of a woman suspecting pregnancy. The hormone appears exactly 20 days after a woman has had her last menstrual period. Velocit is a source of accurate home pregnancy test.


A woman holding pregnancy test strip

The velocit home pregnancy test kit contains a one test device in the form of a card that is only for one time use, a disposable dropper and one desiccant, which is not necessary for the test.


When Should Velocit be Used?

Velocit home pregnancy test kit can be used as soon as the missed day of period, though pregnancy is not detectable this early, in some women. If the test shows negative result, repeat after 72 hours. The most accurate result can be derived by waiting for a couple of days after the missed period and then carrying out the test.


How to Use Velocit?

To perform velocit home pregnancy test,

  • Collect urine sample in a container.
  • Draw a few drops of urine into the dropper and drop a few drops in the well marked ‘s’.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the pink/purple bands appear at ‘c’ and ‘t’.

Advantages of Velocit

Velocit home pregnancy test has several benefits over other standard home pregnancy test. Here is why:


  • Accuracy: Velocit home pregnancy test kit is an accurate home pregnancy test. It can detect pregnancy as early as the missed day of period. The sensitivity of the test device is very high and can even detect 25 mil/L of HCG in the urine.
  • Quick: The results of the home pregnancy test kit can be detected within 5 minutes.
  • User-Friendly: The home pregnancy test kit does not use jargons while explaining the steps to perform the test. Besides, it is a single step procedure.

Other Important Information


  • If the test is performed too early than should be, the device may show negative result. In such a case, another specimen must be obtained and put to test after 48 hours.
  • Make sure that you follow the instructions given on the pack before performing the test.
  • A normal pregnancy cannot be told apart from ectopic pregnancy based on the HCG levels alone. A spontaneous miscarriage may cause confusion while interpreting the results.


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