Vegans Outlive Meat Eaters

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Oct 16, 2012

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Vegans Outlive Meat EatersA study at the Loma Linda University in California has made it official that ‘vegetarians outlive meat eaters ’.

A series of studies from the university has tracked tens of thousands of Seventh-day Adventists since the 1970s and 1780s. The researchers found that Adventist vegetarian men lived to an average of 83.3 years and vegetarian women 85.7 years, 9.5 and 6.1 years, respectively, more than their meat eating counterparts. Seventh-day Adventists, who have been known as advocates of a vegetarian diet, were one of the first to show that the vegetarians live longer than meat eaters.


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Similarly, a research presented at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2012 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo suggested that vegans are five units lighter on the Body Mass Index scale than meat-eaters, less susceptible to illnesses and medical conditions.

Now, it is time replace chicken with vegetables and fruits.


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