Two New Bowel Cancer Genes Discovered

Two genetic mutations that rarely occur, increase one’s chances of bowel cancer.

Gunjan Rastogi
LatestWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Dec 25, 2012
Two New Bowel Cancer Genes Discovered

Two New Bowel Cancer Genes Discovered

According to a study published in Nature Genetics, UK researchers have claimed to find two faulty genes that make an individual vulnerable to bowel cancer.


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The panel of researchers analysed the DNA samples of 20 people, who had a family history of bowel cancer. The samples were taken to evaluate one’s risk of cancer beforehand. Out of the tested people, one person called Joe Wiegand was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had a very strong family history of bowel cancer with his father, grandmother and aunt diagnosed with it.

Researchers said that the faulty genes are rarely found, but if a person inherits them then his chances of developing bowel cancer certainly increases. The lead researcher, Professor Ian Tomlinson from the Oxford University stated that findings of this study can be used to analyse a person’s risk of bowel cancer to take more preventive measures such as regular screening before the disease develops. He further added that with the help of this study, specific therapies to deal with genetic mutations causing bowel cancer can be developed.



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