Tips to Gain Weight Fast for Men

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Consume more calories than what you burn.
  • Lift weights to ensure that the calories are processed in a healthy manner.
  • Men need to drink at least half a gallon of water everyday.
  • A good night’s sleep will ensure that your body has enough energy.

Are you facing problems because of your lean figure and underweight body? Do you feel that your thin physique is hampering your performance at work? Do you think your confidence and self-esteem is shaky because of this?

A man exercising in gym Well, there’s nothing to worry at all. With some easy to follow tips given here, you will be surprised to find a difference within weeks. Gaining weight is the same as losing weight. It requires lot of patience but if these tips if followed in the right manner, they can give you long lasting results. Remember that these tips have been designed especially for men.


Start Eating Today

Without doubt, eating is the foremost thing you need to do in order to gain weight. Consuming more calories than what you burn is the basic principle of gaining weight. You don’t have to just eat, but eat big. However, in order to avoid fat mass, include foods such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, assorted nuts, cheese and proteinsuch as chicken or fish in your diet. Make sure that you get lots of vitamins as well as minerals from the diet you choose to go with. Eating at least six times a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner will ensure that you gain weight fast.


Start Lifting Weights

Men can be successful in gaining weight only with the blend of the right kind of exercises that go along with a nutritious diet. It is not enough just to eat a lot. Doing a lot of exercises along with gaining weight is important. Lifting weights ensures that the calories you produce are processed in a healthy manner. Such weight management ensures that neither do you become overweight nor do you end up with flab around your waist. Visit a gym at least three times a week and practice cardio as well as resistance exercises in order to build up a good physique.


Drink lots of Water

A weight gain programme should never leave you tired, exhausted and most importantly, dehydrated. Men need to drink at least half a gallon of water everyday so that their body do not get dehydrated. Adequate water content in your body will ensure that you have the stamina to pick up weights at the gym and ensure optimal functioning of the digestive system.


Sleep 8 hours a day

Sleep, irrespective of gender, is an important factor in weight gain programmes. Optimum duration for sleep is 8 hours during the night. A good night’s sleep will ensure that your body has enough energy to function the next day.




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  • Abu Faiz05 Aug 2015

    Hello Sir, Myself Faiz I am 24 years old but I have 45 kg i have faced lot of troubles.So please guide me how i will Gain my weight and which type of foods i will take to increase weight faster.

  • Vincent22 Mar 2013

    Jus wana gain a lil weight hope the tips will work

  • girish11 Feb 2013

    thankx . good and helpful tips for gain weight.

  • Motherfucker11 Dec 2012

    Thanks for the tips =)

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  • Mukesh Gena11 Dec 2012

    I eat a lot of cheese but am unable to gain weight. can you please help?

  • emrys28 Oct 2012

    thnx...vl try....:)

  • make money online16 Sep 2012

    Personally I'm also under weight and not happy with my health, so i was looking for some tips to gain my weight and found this article. It's really very nice and informative article that may help me to improve my health as i like to follow your great idea. anyway i also tried to make money online and follow this site- Its really awesome and helps me too.

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    good tips

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    thank u very much........... i will start now itself....................

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    i will proved it

  • maddy19 Jun 2012

    drink beers.. its even more faster

  • Kaladhar Battepati17 Jun 2012

    Thank you for your invaluable tips. I'll start right away. The only problem is that i'm a vegetarian and i don't even eat eggs, forget about Fish & Chicken. I guess that's where all my protein is getting away. lol. I'm 29 & weigh 60kgs. Before the end of the year, i should put on @least 10kgs :)

  • vignesh21 May 2012

    Thanks i start sudenly

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