This is What you Must do to have a Healthy Old Age

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Sep 12, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Osteoarthritis hits women aged above 50, especially post menopause.
  • Eat a healthy diet which includes all vitamins and minerals.
  • Avoid getting obese to prevent pressure on the knees.
  • Exercise regularly and stay active to keep in good shape.

Neck ache, knee and back pain, all these are a cause for worry among people, especially women over the age of 50 years. This happens because either osteoarthritis or arthritis has taken over the generations of a family. Both the conditions have been more prevalent in women than men, especially after menopause. The bad news is that osteoarthritis is not curable but, the good news is that you can prevent its onset by making some changes to your lifestyle. By introducing the right changes in your life, you can even prevent the trouble. Here is what you need to do.

Osteoarthritis Prevention

Eat Right

Osteoarthritis is a part of ageing and is usually found in women aged over 50 years. However, it isn’t necessary that you also live under the fear of suffering from this disease. To avoid backaches, creaking knees and sore fingers from becoming a part of your old age a healthy diet is a must. Dietician at LH Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai says "don't focus on one miracle or super food. Include everything from greens and fruits to dairy, meat and fish in your diet". She further advises "Two glasses of milk and curd or yogurt with your meals should meet the everyday calcium requirement of about 1000 mg. Now if you are allergic to milk and dairy products, try having soya milk, green leafy vegetables and fish instead. "You might also need to take calcium supplements". Keeping your weight under control as you age is equally important. Obesity can often lead to osteoarthritis in women.

Avoid Obesity

When your body carries extra weight, there is more pressure exerted on the joints making them wear out faster. Hence, keep a check on your weight. A woman’s body is designed for child birth which makes the tendons and joints of her lower body more elastic than a man’s body.  Besides, a woman’s hips are wider than her knees. All this contributes to a misaligned bone structure making the knees more prone to injuries.

Osteoarthritis Prevention

Staying Fit

A hip and knee surgeon based out of Mumbai suggests that "regular exercise and activities like walking or running, and staying as active as possible, will keep your joints active and prevent long term wear and tear". On the hereditary factor of osteoarthritis, Dr Shetty adds "heredity also plays a major role in osteoarthritis, so women whose mothers suffer from it need to be careful".

All these measures will help you keep old age troubles at bay and you will have a healthier you for as long as you want.

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