An Extravagant Party to Welcome your Unborn Child

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Oct 30, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Baby showers are usually given in the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • The mother can get gifts that her baby would need when born.
  • You could also have a "welcoming shower" instead of a baby shower.
  • There is also the option for coupls shower.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a baby shower for your unborn child? Loads of people, gifts and pleasantries for the one who is coming to your life.


Third Trimester Welcoming Party Ideas

Since you are going to become a mother very soon, you have all the reasons to rejoice and certainly your your baby deserves a grand welcome! The tradition of a baby shower is that the expecting mother’s friends and accomplices host aparty, but not relatives. It is important that someone takes the initiative to host the shower as it is a wonderful display of affection for a growing family and also a special way in which you can welcome a new life into the world.


When to Throw the Party?

Baby showers are usually given in the third trimester of pregnancy or with a month or two before the delivery. This way the mother can get some important items as gifts that her baby would need when born, the mom will also have enough time following the shower to shop for items she didn't receive as gifts. It is also a good idea not to throw the party too close to baby's due date in case he or she decides to arrive early! Sometimes people also have a "welcoming shower" instead of a baby shower, a few weeks after the baby arrives, particularly if guests want to bring gifts specifically for a boy or girl. So you can decide accordingly.



Basket Shower: In this kind of a baby shower each guest has a theme for her gift basket. This can be fun as it would be full of ideas, and of course the basket should be part of the gift! Some ideas for themes include meal/nursing basket, a nursery basket, bath basket, diaper basket, and toy basket.


Shower for the Mother: A great idea if the mother has already had a lot of baby gear, this is possible if this is not her first child. Guests can offer gift certificates for babysitting, meals, housecleaning, manicures, or dinner out to a restaurant! Other gift ideas may also include some new pajamas, candles, bath products, etc.


Memories Shower: You can have a variation here as along with traditional gifts traditional gifts, guests could also create something for the baby that is dated from the year he/she is born. Each guest can create a scrapbook page or small booklet for the baby, which can include photos, comments, or newspaper clippings. A time capsule can also be a good idea for the baby, these gifts are sure to be treasured in years to come.

There is another fun game that you can play, for a memories shower. Each guest could bring a baby photo of her, and then spread them out and play, who’s who!


Couples Shower: Breaking away from the traditional ways, this can be just as fun for expecting parents. You must keep games and food geared to both sexes, and you also must be sure to include some gifts that are meaningful for the new dad.

Women are certain to feel jittery and scared about delivery, a baby shower is a nice way to uplift her spirit and show her your support. Besides, it is celebrating the pregnancy of a wonderful woman and her unborn child.

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  • Aradhana26 Nov 2013

    I remember having my baby shower during the eight month of pregnancy. All of my friends had come and we had such a blast. I especially remember the part where my friends made this power-point presentation for my unborn child that contained my and my husbands life and how we had met. It was such a delightful day. Now my baby boy is three years old!

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