Things you can do to stop a Sudden Coughing Attack

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Jul 08, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Keep cough suppressants, inhalers and allergy medicines with you.
  • Try to breathe slowly through your nose when an attack occurs.
  • When you are having an attack, move to a cooler place.
  • Try aromatherapy if you are prone to coughing attacks.

Coughing attacks usually strike you when you are suffering from cold or flu, though these can occur at any time. Cough can be caused due to allergens, irritants caught in the throat, smoking or chest colds.


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A cough attack can be embarrassing for anyone if these attacks occur in public. Coughing attacks can also interfere with daily activities. There are several ways in which you can try to stop a coughing attack.


Be Prepared

The best way you can deal with the problem is to make yourself ready. Carry cough suppressants, inhalers and allergy medicines with you at all times. When you sense an impending attack, suck a cough suppressant lozenge.


If Allergy is the Cause

Most allergies may bring on excessive coughing attacks. If you have any such allergy, you should talk to your doctor about dealing with the attacks. Taking allergy medications during allergy season keeps coughing attacks at bay.


Hot Liquids

When a cough attack occurs, many look for and grab a glass of water. Instead of drinking a cold glass of water, hot liquids can be extremely effective in stopping a coughing attack. Hot tea with lemon and honey is an excellent way to stop a coughing attack. Because tea has a natural soothing effect and the honey can coat your throat, it ceases coughing. Another thing that you can do to soothe a cough is drink hot milk with honey. When you’ve caught common cold or cough, drink the concoction before bed for a cough-free night.


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Cough attack can occur because of the certain air bacteria present in the atmosphere. During the attack, step out of the room and move to a cooler place. Besides, loosen tight and restrictive clothing such as neck ties or high-buttoned shirts. Similarly, cough in winter can be caused by a dry atmosphere. Heat your home to dry out air and restore moisture to the air.


Take Control of your Breath

To try to control the cough, you should try to control your breath. Try to breathe slowly through your nose. When the cough attack’s severity reduces, drink a warm drink such as a cup of tea to pacify it. A tablespoonful of honey also helps to eliminate the scratchy feeling of a cough.


Avoid Smoky Settings

There are particulates floating around in the air in smoky rooms; so, stay out of there. These can take a toll on your throat and the airborne irritants can affect the lungs and interfere with your breathing.


Learn about Aromatherapy

You can try aromatherapy if you are prone to coughing attacks. Combine three drops of eucalyptus oil, two drops of thyme oil and two teaspoonfuls of soft or melted coconut oil. Rub the mixture on the chest region and breathe deeply.


In most cases, coughing is a minor annoyance which gets resolved with time. If this doesn’t happen, see your doctor for medical advice.



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