Things Parents Should Never do on Facebook

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Mar 13, 2012

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Social networking portals, especially facebook, have become a very important part of our life. The online portal is nowadays the most favoured medium to share or convey emotions to the circle of friends. How does this social networking profile shape up once you become a parent?

Parents must give a serious thought about managing their social activities and interactions that could influence the young one. We all have a distinct set of friends; in that circle some are very understanding while others are careless and annoying. How to deal with such friends during parenthood and be a good parent?

Caught in the situation, parents need to understand the several dos and don’ts while logging onto their social networking profiles. Mentioned below are some behaviours/activities that should be avoided by parents on facebook:

Restrict Friends by Customising Privacy Settings

It has been observed that people ignore customisation options like privacy settings. In this manner, they allow everyone in the world to peep at their profile and stalk on them. When you have kids, you should not let this happen. Using privacy filter will shield you and your young ones from strangers.

Ask Opinions but Adhere to Experts

True, facebook can relieve you of discomfort. You must know the difference between expert opinion and that of a layman. There is nothing wrong in discussing health issues in your friend circle, and listening to the remedies they have to offer. However, blindly following their advice is foolishness. Any health issue faced either by you or the baby should be consulted with a health expert.

Think of Child’s Embarrassment Later in the Life

Everyone needs to understand the importance of being the admiration of their children. You would not want them to be the one they hate later in their life. Updating facebook wall with the diaper details, or his puking pics is a little harsh on him. He might not like this social activity of yours 10 years down the lane, or the embarrassment of your friends teasing him.

Limit More Connections

Getting in touch with existing friends and family with social networking profiles becomes difficult with a young one. In order to pay maximum attention to the needs and requirements of the growing child, one should not involve in unnecessary network connections. This will help you focus on your child and develop a trustworthy relationship with him.


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