Stretches you should do before getting out of the bed in the morning

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Nov 21, 2017

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  • Exercising is important for an active body.
  • stretching can give you stretchable muscles.
  • These simple stretches can relieve tension from your body.

In winters getting out of the bed is a workout in itself. Working out after getting out of the bed is a task altogether. Usually people have a busy schedule and it becomes rather difficult to spare time for exercising and workout. The only time that can be dedicated to any sort of physical exercise is either whatever time you get in morning before heading to work and after getting back from work. People do make time for workouts but if you are unable to make time for any exercise or workout because of your busy schedule, you can always do these simple stretches after getting up in the morning before leaving the bed. 

Stretches you should do before getting out of the bed in the morning

Yes, here is a list of simple stretches you can do in bed to have an active day ahead. 

Full-body stretch

Inhale and reach your arms overhead, entwine fingers of your both hands, and flip your palms outside, above your head. At the same time, stretch your feet further, keeping your knees straight. Hold this position for 5 seconds and exhale and release the stretched position slowly. Repeat the same exercise for 3 times. This will release the tension in muscles. 

Figure-four Stretch

Lift your left leg and place it over your right knee, creating the shape of number 4. Bend your right knee while keeping the right foot on the bed or maybe hugging it in towards your chest. Make sure that your left knee is bent out to the left as you are trying to maintain the shape. Do this stretch for 5 seconds and then switch the legs. This is a great glute stretch. 

Bed-to-floor stretch

Get in sitting position on the edge of the bed and place your feet on floor. Your knees will be in bent position. Now bent down towards your knees, hang your head and your arms down towards floor in a way that they are almost dangling. Hold the position for 5 deep breaths. This will stretch your back and supply some oxygen to the brain.

Seated forward bend

This the simplest of all stretches. Sit straight on bed, stretch your legs out but make sure both legs are touching each other. Inhale and bend down to touch your toes with your hands. Your head and neck should hand heavy on your legs. Stay in the position for five breaths, the slowly lift the body back up.

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