Signs of an Unhealthy Dating Relationship

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Jul 15, 2011
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Dating in itself is very adventurous but it takes some time to actually know your partner. Knowing the signs of unhealthy dating relationship is necessary to recognise quality of your relationship. Here are some of the signs of unhealthy dating relationship.

  • One of the early sign of an unhealthy dating relationship is that it progress at quick pace.If you feel that your partner is demanding more of your time and is insisting on intimacy level for which you are not yet ready then it is sign of an unhealthy relationship. However, it may seem to be exciting but a quick relation signifies that other person is rushing.
  • If at any time of your dating relationship you feel that you are afraid of your partner then it is time to step out. Listen to your instincts if you find yourself behaving in a different manner from your nature.
  • Don’t be fooled thinking that possessiveness and jealousy are components of love. You are not in a healthy dating relationship if your partner gets upset or angry when you talk about or hang out with people of opposite sex.
  • If you are in a relationship where you get constant criticism from your partner then you are surely in an unhealthy dating relationship. At times it becomes very difficult to detect verbal abuse, especially if your partner is framing it in joking manner. Done in either manner, verbal abuse will make you less confident thus making you afraid to disagree with your partner.
  • If you are in unhealthy dating or relationship then your partner may even force you to have sex or anything sexual that you are not comfortable of.
  • In unhealthy relationship blame game is very common. If you notice that your partner is blaming you for each and every thing then it’s time to give a second thought to your relationship. By picking up your faults your partner is making you feel small. Thus, giving you feeling that nobody else will want you.
  • You may notice that your partner is even not ready to take responsibility of his/her own actions.
  • Most importantly, when you sense that things are not in the manner they ought to be. If you think that there is some problem in your relationship then listen to your inner voice.


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