Difference between Dating and Relationship

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May 18, 2011

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Dating and being in a relationship are the two terms most popular these days. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the word courting. Many times people simply use the word dating but what they really want to imply is courting. It can get very confusing for people to define their relationship with someone they are seeing. Perhaps that is why the term dating began to be considered as implying a serious affair. Help your relationship by discussing it openly with your partner and decide whether it is mere dating or serious relationship.


Consider the following factors to know whether it is Dating or a Relationship


  • CommitmentIf you feel that your partner is too special for you to be dating other people and you get the same sentiment in return, it is commitment. If one or both of you do not feel like it, consider it to be dating and you are not in a relationship.
  • If you feel that you are in a relationship, be clear about it by having a direct conversation on it. Dating and relationship can become very turbulent due to poor communication on such crucial issues. Be clear about your relationship status with your partner.
  • There will come a time when you will need affirmation from your partner about being exclusive. Face the situation and talk to your partner about it in person. Emails and even phone calls are not the best medium for expressing this as they can allow miscommunication. If your date or partner dilly dallies on such a crucial question, it might well be a red flag.
  • You need to see through a person if he is being manipulative. There can be situations when the person has admitted that he/she would not have a committed relationship but is very possessive about your contacts with other people or potential suitors. Others may be just the opposite, affirming that they want a long-term relationship but still see other people. One needs to avoid such people as much as possible.


Follow the advice given above to have a healthy dating relationship – committed or casual.


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