Running at Night: The Latest Fitness Craze

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May 07, 2013
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Running at Night The Latest Fitness Craze

After Australia's still-healthy obsession with commando-style courses, now we have running events in night in UK. The names of these new events, dubbed "dark races", range from cute (the "Moonlight Flit"), to cheeky ("Wild Night Run") to frankly, a little scary ("Night Terror").

To be a part of it, you don't even have to get up at the crack of dawn as these take place at night, in pitch black with only a dimly lit head-torch to guide the way. The trend which started in Australia, where currently there are several events like ultra-marathons happen well into the night, of distances like 100 kilometres.

Shawn D. Youngstedt, associate professor from the department of exercise science at the University of South Carolina, suggested that late-night exercise doesn't disrupt sleep and thus, have advantages over morning exercises.

One may benefit from late-night running as the two hormones which are important for energy metabolism (cortisol and thyroptopin) peak in the evening. Furthermore, body temperature is at its highest at night, with joints and muscles being 20 per cent more flexible.



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