Report on Human Resources for Universal Health Coverage

By  , WHO
Nov 06, 2013

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human resource for healthA recent report by World Health Organisation talks about Human Resources for Health (HRH) which plays a major role in the attainment of health related goals. HRH has always been recognised and was also recently reaffirmed by the United Nations General Assembly. The UN has identified the need for as they have put it, “an adequate, skilled, well-trained and motivated workforce”, so as to accelerate the progress towards universal health coverage or UHC.

The problem is that under the existing affordability and sustainability constraints countries are confronted with challenges in trying to match the supply and demand of health workers. Therefore, keeping this in mind, the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health that will take place in Brasil from 10 to 13 November, 2013 will seek to set out a contemporary and forward looking HRH agenda. It will also aim to pull in political commitments to get support.

The development of health workforce requires expertise in human resource planning, education and management. The WHO report says that the development is also essentially a political process that requires the will and capacity to coordinate the efforts made by the different sectors in society and levels of government. The theme issue will cover both of these aspects by providing examples of nations who have combined political will and technical strategies. Success stories include Brasil, Sudan, Cameroon, Thailand, Ghana and Mexico.

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