Relationship Help for Married Couples

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Apr 26, 2011

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Married CoupleTwo people decide to get married because they believe that they are ready to spend an entire lifetime with each other. They enter into a new life that they have to share and spend together. However, the pressures of the modern day hectic life can spiral the little problems between married couples, out of control. This is where relationship help for married couples comes into play. Such relationship help will lead to successful resolving of issues that plague an otherwise healthy marriage.


Sort it out Together


Married couples need to sit together and sort out issues that are affecting their marriage adversely. Do not involve the opinion of a third person from the word go. Sit together and talk it out. Once the matter is laid bare, in most cases they are resolved amicably.


Use of forced Dialogue is Useless


Do not for one moment think that screaming and shouting are relationship helps of any kind. All that violence and abuse, be it verbal or physical will only escalate the tension and cause a wider rift.


Sort out Individual Issues first



If it is work pressure or some health concern that is bogging you down, then do not let these affect your relationship with your spouse. Address personal issues with a calm and rational attitude, rather than venting out your frustration on your better half.


Set aside Time for the Two of You



Keeping the spark of the marriage alive is crucial for maintaining a healthy marriage. Go out on dates and vacations. Spend some time away from friends and family. This will help the two of you reconnect and discover newer aspects in each other’s personalities.


Space is Crucial


Just because you are married now, it does not mean that you will have to encroach on the other’s alone time. Space in any relationship is important. And it is important for you. If your partner and you realise that the relationship stress in your marriage stems from the two of you getting into each other’s face all the time, take some time off; alone. Engage yourself in a hobby. Take yoga, swimming or even pottery classes. It is very important to inculcate habits that will aid your individuality. It will also help reduce stress in a relationship.


Relationship Counselling for Married Couples


If it does seem that the relationship stress is not getting reduced despite sustained efforts from either or both of you, it is time to seek professional help. In case your partner is apprehensive about this huge step, try and explain to her/him that it is for the best. Counselling helps in bridging the gap between many a married couple. A counselling session will essentially help the two of identify the problem in the relationship.

Relationship help for married couples must be initiated from within the marriage. If you are willing to work on the issues spoiling your marriage, then you will have to take the first step. Moreover, you will have to engage your partner and the two of you will have to work towards resolving issues.



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