Preterm Births can be easily Prevented

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Nov 19, 2012

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Preterm Births can be easily treatedPreterm births, though decreased in number from previous years’ statistics, continue to stand at a higher scale, especially in the U.S where every 1 in 8 babies is preterm as opposed to 1 in 10 babies in the rest of the world.


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While the matter of concern in developing countries is to improve medical facilities to keep preterm births in check that in the developed countries is to look for ways in which it can be prevented. An international coalition, on 15th November, put forward a few recommendations for countries to stick to and those that can help cut down the number of preterm births.  They are:

  • Elimination of the practice of inducing labour and caesarean sections that are scheduled way before the mother’s due date unless necessary for medical reasons.
  • Providing women at high risk or those who have had a preterm baby with regular injections of progesterone hormone. According to a survey of obstetricians by the NIH, only 20 percent of the eligible population received the injections.
  • Putting a stitch in women with a short cervix.
  • Motivating women to quit smoking.
  • Using only one embryo instead of many when the mode of fertilisation is in vitro.


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