Obesity affects Kids’ Gradesheet

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Sep 04, 2012

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Obesity affects Kids gradesheet

Researchers from the New York University have found that children, who are obese, are likely to be struggle with academics because obesity tends to affect the brain power. The researchers found that the children, who showed physical changes due to being obese, such as higher levels of bad cholesterol and resistance to insulin and high blood pressure, scored poorly on thinking tests.

The study was done by comparing 49 children with metabolic syndrome i.e. a collection of a minimum of three health problems linked to obesity including low good cholesterol, a large waist and high blood fats, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, etc. [Read: Risks and Complicatios of Obesity]

The researchers concluded form the study that even only a few years of metabolic issues can cause the brain to suffer from complications. Those children, who had metabolic syndrome, scored significantly less in math and spelling tests. Besides, they experience decreased attention span and flexibility of the mind. [Read: Healthy Eating Tips to Fight Obesity]

On an average, math scores were ten points lower in children with metabolic syndrome compared with those without the syndrome. The spelling scores were four points lower. The researchers also found that there the memory was not affected to a great extent. The children, who were part of the research, originated from similar socio-economic background, were of the same age and at the same school grade.


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