Milk allergy symptoms

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Dec 24, 2012

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Milk allergy is a frequently seen form of allergy, caused by the lactose component of milk. A diagnosis on the basis of few of the following points is vital to prevent and in extreme cases, treat it in a particular way.

  • The first reaction of the body towards an allergic food item is vomiting. The system refuses to accept the components of the product, thereby resulting in throwing it out.
  • This is usually accompanied by signs like nausea. In cases, this leads to diarrhoea as well as cramps in the stomach.
  • When lactose allergen reacts with the body, it also affects the skin. The skin becomes red, rashes occur at specific places, even throughout the body and the area around the lips swells up.
  • Milk allergy can also have an effect on the nose. The patient might experience a runny nose, followed by sneezing.
  • The eyes also become watery and red.
  • If the intensity of the allergy is very high, it might result into an asthmatic attack.


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