Middle-aged men more likely to develop thyroid dysfunction

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Jul 08, 2015

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A study conducted by SRL Diagnostics said that men in the age group of 31-45 years have an increased risk for thyroid dysfunction. The study pointed that today, 22.68 percent of Indians are already afflicted by thyroid dysfunction and often suffer from health problems such as infertility and heart diseases.

thyroid problems in men

The survey that was conducted for over a period of three years, between 2012-14, revealed that in India, the highest percentage of thyroid abnormality was present in the East zone with 25.2 percent of afflicted patients while the northern and western zones have 23.9 percent and 21.1 percent of affected persons, respectively. Among all the four zones, southern India was shown to have the least percentage of abnormality standing at 19.4 percent.

The study had highlighted that iodine deficient disorders such as hypothyroidism were highly prevalent in the country with at least one out of 10 people being diagnosed with the medical condition. There are about 200 million people suffering from thyroid disorders all over the world of which 42 million live in India.
B.R. Das, president of Research and Innovation at SRL Diagnostics stressed on the importance of reaching out and making people more aware of the many causes, symptoms, treatment as  well as importance of testing for thyroid problems.

Problems associated with an abnormal production of thyroid hormones has been growing significantly and the awareness about the disease in the country among men is shockingly low. The results of the study have also thrown emphasis on the active screening of endocrine function among patients suffering from a greater risk apart from monitoring the thyroid status as well as dose adjustments to offer effective therapy.

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