Marriage Problems for Seniors

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Jun 27, 2011

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Every couple faces problems in their married life. Problems can range from issues regarding infidelity to something as trivial as which side of the bed to sleep on. Similarly as a married couple reaches the dusk of their age, they might face a new set of problems altogether. These problems may take a toll on their marriage and they have to be dealt with patience and thought. The answer simply lies in the belief that the wisdom of the years will help them negotiate with these problems.

Marriage problems for seniors


The Shock of Retirement

Although you may have heard youngsters say that they will make the most of their time once they retire, retirement is not easy. It upsets one’s schedule of life. Imagine working 9 to 5 one day and then sitting at home for the rest of your life. The thought can bother anyone. And seniors face the gigantic problem of too much time on their hands. This affects one’s marriage too. Seniors may feel ill at ease with having to spend their entire time with their spouse. It feels like a new relationship all over again and many may buckle under its pressure.




Boredom is one major problem for some seniors. Once retirement takes place, it is very difficult to get adjusted to a new schedule. Most people tend to get depression after retirement. They stay aloof and that leads to miscommunication in marriage. Mood swings, irrational temper and breakdowns are a possibility because of boredom. With nothing to all day long, one might get irritable and then anything that the spouse does or says may become a cause for anger. This leads to problems in the marriage. Of course, the counterview that many seniors cultivate hobbies and engage in activities that they couldn’t pursue earlier, but boredom is definitely a marriage problem for seniors.


Health Issues


Marriage problems also arise if one partner is lax about taking care of their health in their senior years. Many a times one sees seniors with conditions such as diabetes and hypertension let their health go. Such behaviour can upset their partner and lead to fights and arguments.


Fear of Financial Insecurity


Financial security is a major concern for seniors. For salaried people, post retirement, the monthly flow of money suddenly stops. Now they have to live with a pension. This sometimes calls for budget cuts and changes to one’s lifestyle. These external factors can lead to problems in the marriage for seniors.  A limited budget irritates people and an upset mind might as well lead to arguments.


The Empty Nest Syndrome


The fear of being left alone is a bog fear for seniors. As children grow up, they get a life of their own and get immersed in it. This leaves a senior couple grappling with excess time on their hands. Moreover, now they don’t have anyone to dote over. Also the fear of rekindling their relationship after the children get busy is a frightening prospect for many. These issues can give rise to marriage problems for seniors.


The spectre of having to deal with each other on a daily basis becomes a huge fear for married seniors. They feel uncomfortable about spending too much time together. The best way to help their relationship is by adapting an approach that is reasonable.


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