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Oct 17, 2011

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Breast CancerBreast cancer is one of our times’ biggest health threats. The world over, millions of women suffer from this form of cancer, and medical science has now moved in long and positive forward strides in the detection and cure of this disease. While cancer treatment and detection have all moved forward by leaps and bounds, there still remains a long way to go. And several scientists, researchers, and doctors are currently engaged in new research and the development of new therapies for breast cancer.


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The American Cancer Society is one such society that watches the advancements made the world over. In an article published on the internet, the American Cancer Society has detailed some of these new advances. Studies are underway to determine the causes of breast cancer. The relationship between cancer and diet, lifestyle factors such as exercise, sudden loss or gain of weight, etc are all under scrutiny in several research organisations.


Drugs that can reduce the occurrence of breast cancer in post menopausal women like aromatase inhibitors are also under scrutiny. These drugs are already in use in several countries to help prevent breast cancer recurrences, but none of them have as yet been approved for reducing breast cancer risk at this time. Doctors are wary of new drugs that have not been completely approved by further tests, due to the fear of side effects.


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Some scientists are reporting that they have been able to link specific gene patterns in patients with certain more aggressive cancers and those cancers that are more likely to recur and spread to other sites in the body. While some results are now available, doctors are working on ways to make this useful in therapy to identify patients in who cancer may recur or be more serious than in others. Other research also includes several new imaging techniques to identify cancerous cells faster and with more certainty.


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