How to treat asthma with coffee

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Jan 31, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Caffeine widens bronchial tubes.
  • Caffeine has properties similar to asthma medications.
  • Type of coffee must be chosen wisely.
  • If coffee doesn’t help, stop having it immediately.

Caffeine that is found majorly in your cup of coffee has been found to widen the bronchial tubes that otherwise constrict during an attack. Besides, caffeine has chemical properties that are similar to the drugs prescribed to an asthma patient. Coffee was an ancient way of treating asthma in Britain in the 1800s though that does not certify the authenticity and efficacy of this treatment. If you want to accommodate coffee as a treatment option for asthma, make sure that you discuss about its dosage with your doctor.

Coffee for asthma

Choose your coffee type

Considering that every asthma case is unique, you must choose your coffee type carefully before sipping it entirely. There are a few fine brands of coffee in the market that grind you fresh beans as per your taste. You may also get two types of flavours or a quality of coffee mixed as per your personalized blend. Carry a small amount of different kinds of coffee and observe how your asthma symptoms respond to each. Prepare one third of a cup of coffee. Consumption of coffee in the mentioned quantity is enough for an asthmatic to introspect the difference. Once you have had a few sips of the coffee, wait for a few minutes until you observe any change in your condition. Breathe through the nose, purse your lips and exhale slowly. If you feel any relief sinking in, drink the rest of the coffee slowly.

Know when to stop the consumption

If coffee does not bring any change in your condition, stop having it right away. Continuing to drink coffee may worsen your condition. If your asthma symptoms persist, rush to your doctor immediately. Remember to try coffee in the presence of a family member or peer. If you have any other medical condition such as gestational diabetes or are pregnant, it is highly advisable to consult the doctor for a coffee treatment for asthma. You never know what might make your health worse!

Coffee for asthma

Pick the prescribed inhaler

If coffee does not lower your breathing difficulties, pick the prescribed inhaler. If coffee has already been herbal and is not known to cause any side effects or symptoms of asthma. Green tea can be taken twice a day without any sugar or milk.

Try organic coffee

You can also try organic coffee to treat asthma. Processed coffee contains pesticides and chemicals that can heighten the asthmatic conditions. This has been proven as an effective cure for asthmatic conditions. Organic coffee has theophylline in it, which is also present in drugs prescribed for asthma, but do remember that if you have an appointment with your doctor for lung tests, it is best to abstain from coffee for at least two to three days prior to the test.


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