How Music Therapy Helps Children with Autism

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Feb 24, 2012

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Children suffering from autism have a strong sensitivity to respond to external stimuli and music is one of these. It is a non-invasive kind of treatment that involves soothing effect for the children. The autistic children suffer when they are required to make verbal communication and develop interpersonal skills, but with music their connection is real deep. In fact some of them show special abilities in the field of music and this shows their strength which should be utilised.


Benefits of Music Therapy for Autistic Children


  • Autistic children can begin to speak by responding to music. From a child who just does not communicate, music can help to inculcate in him the ability to speak. As he tries to catch a song in its rhythm, it naturally translates into beginning of speech.
  • Music can be beneficial for making them learn tasks that are not related to music in any way. For example, if a child is too shy in making eye contact, musical games that requires the child to look at the therapist for cues to play a musical instrument can be useful.
  • Another way of promoting eye contact through music is to simply hold the instrument close to your face when playing it. So, keep a tambourine or cowbell close to your face and play it. You can encourage eye contact in this way.
  • Music therapy can be used to make the child learn the words and phrases which the child of that age should know. Body signals can also be taught by making the therapist find songs appropriate to the child’s age.
  • Make the child master a musical instrument when you and the therapist feel that he is ready. Nothing can be better for the self-esteem of your autistic child. Creative expression of emotions would also make the child more relaxed.  

You can really make a difference in your autistic child’s life by making him learn the basic life skills with the help of music therapy. It is an imperative that your child is taught certain basic skills of life and music therapy offers the right approach for autistic children.


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