How men can deal with sweating in their privates

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Jul 22, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • The most obvious cause is the lack of exposure to the air.
  • When not taken care of, there can be skin infections.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder/antiperspirant in the area to limit sweating.
  • Put on clothes with better air circulation if you frequently workout.

For anyone, sweating around the groin area can be frustrating and embarrassing. It is one of the things you wouldn’t be comfortable to talk about. A normal occurrence, sweat in groin can trigger odour and itching and subsequently make matters worse.


sweating in privates


There can be several reasons behind sweating in privates. The most obvious one is the lack of exposure to the air. When not taken care of, sweating below the waist can lead to several skin infections as it a harbinger of bacterial growth.

You can control excessive sweating down there with the following measures:


Use cotton towel and talcum powder/antiperspirant

Health experts advise to always use a dry cotton towel to dry yourself after bath. Afterwards, you can sprinkle talcum powder/antiperspirant in the area to limit sweating.


Anti-fungal powder

A sweaty groin is prone to fungal infections. You can ask your doctor for an anti-fungal powder to safeguard against risk of infections if it is too sultry outside.



Sweating in the privates can be a result of tight clothing. Sweat issues can be helped an appropriate choice of clothing. For instance, cotton clothes help the body to breathe well. Clothes with better air circulation are more important if you frequently workout.


Preventing sweat-induced skin problems

Use anti-dandruff shampoo: If changing your wardrobe and introducing sweat-proof habits has not changed anything or you, try an anti-dandruff shampoo. The shampoo will prevent irritating yeast build-up and the subsequent smell.

Give yourself an anti-bacterial wash: Sweat means bacteria and bacteria means irritation and odour build-up. Besides triggering a repelling odour, bacteria can cause skin irritation. So get an anti-bacterial wash to get rid of bacteria from the privates.

Drink water: Drink plenty of water to flush your body of toxins that can cause odour build-up.

Keep skin moisturised: One of the common reasons for crotch sweat is an irritated dry skin. Try using a moisturising soap gel in the shower.

Try this home remedy: Combine 3 tablespoonfuls of white vinegar in one cup of water and dampen a clean sponge with the solution. Dab it on the affected area to eliminate body odour.



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