How to Be a Better Parent for Your Teenage Kids?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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The teenage years is a period of great change in a person.  They enter then as a child, but exit as an adult and they are considered to be ready to assume an adult’s role in the society.  During these years they are expected to “mature” and change from thinking, feeling, adjusting and acting like a child to the ways of an adult; you can help your child become a responsible and independent adult.

  • Ensure that there is discipline at home, as lack of control by parents can lead to them going off track. However, being stern can also have a negative impact and can make the adolescent rebel.
  • Reason it out with your adolescent and give them a chance to express their opinion; this makes it more likely that he/she will listen to you.
  • Help your child to develop a sense of identity and set goals; this can help your child cope with peer pressure.
  • Develop a healthy relation with your child so that he/she can talk with you and be open with his/her feelings.
  • Discuss and teach ways to deal with stress, peer pressure, anxiety and other problems. Consider talking to your teenager about sex.


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