Hospital Care for Diabetes Patient

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Aug 23, 2012

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What should diabetes patients expect during their stay at hospital setting? Diabetics often have doubts regarding the level of care they will receive at hospital so that their condition is well administered. Therefore, it is vital for diabetics to discuss their condition thoroughly with the hospital staff.

Before Hospital Admission


  • Hospital staff will ask for your medical history to structure a plan, either for an operation or examination. The plan has all the details about what will happen before, during and after medical procedure for diabetes. At every stage, blood tests will be conducted to know the blood sugar level and a copy of which will be sent to you.
  • Diabetes supplies along with your diet schedule will be taken care of by the hospital staff. Also, the hospital authorities will be informing you about your schedule for the stay.

During Stay at Hospital


  • Your stay at hospital will be planned as per individual assessment and care planning. Hospital authorities will ask for your needs and preferences, which include how you contact the health care staff, involvement of a relative in your care, dietary choices and cultural/religious needs.
  • Hospital staff will inform you about your progress, how blood sugar conditions – hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose)/hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose) is being managed and the medication schedule.
  • During the stay, you will be given an opportunity to speak to the expert monitoring your condition. With him, you can discuss your particular concerns about management of your diabetes. He will also inform you if there is any change in procedure during your stay at hospital for stable blood sugar levels.

After Discharge from Hospital


  • During discharge from hospital, you will be given detailed information about your diabetic progress. If there are any changes in the treatment, you will be informed.
  • Hospital staff will keep a responsive communication with you to stabilise your diabetes condition, especially in the case you have made a change in your treatment. Moreover, they will retrieve information of your current blood sugar level regularly and advise you accordingly to bring it back to the normal range.

You can anytime opt for self-care, if you are unsatisfied or unhappy with hospital staff. In case you have to complain against services, you should formally write to hospital authorities about it. In case your complaint is not addressed after your repeated requests, you should seek help of organisations and government authorities to get it resolved.


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