Homeopathy treatment for asthma

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 04, 2013

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Asthma can almost be a life-long disease for most patients, if not all. An important aspect of management is to control the symptoms adequately if possible with use of mild medications.


Treatment of asthma with the prescription medications can be difficult and frustrating. Using the asthma medications properly like the inhaled medications can be tricky. Using medications daily, and the side effects of the medications can be problematic. And on top of this even faithful adherence to medication does not ensure complete control of asthmatic symptoms or freedom from frightening asthmatic attacks. Due to these limitations of the prescription medications many people seek homeopathy and other alternative treatments.


But a major concern while using homeopathy for asthma is ---whether the will treatment work? And is it safe?


Homeopathic medicines can works wonders for people with asthma. According to a study patients on homeopathic medicine have better health than those who do not use homeopathic medicine.



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