Have Almonds to Lose Weight

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jul 20, 2012

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Have Almonds to Lose Weight

If almonds are included in a weight loss diet plan, in place of less healthy foods, they can help dieters in following their controlled diets. Moreover, it would also help them to control their cholesterol level. The study was conducted at the Temple University in Philadelphia, led by Dr. Gary Foster, who said that almonds should not be avoided by people looking to lose weight by a restricted diet.


123 healthy people were involved in the research; who were put on a calorie-controlled diet for 18 months. The women in the group were limited to 1200-1500 calories per day while men were ate food limited to 1500-1800 calories daily. Half the people in the study were asked to have two packages of packages with 28 grams of almonds daily. This amounted to 350 calories. The rest of participants did not have any nuts.


The researchers found that after six months, the dieters who ate almonds lost more weight, 16 pounds, compared to those who did not have nuts, 12 pounds. This clearly shows that by having almonds, people who control their diet gain better results for their effort. Moreover, the cholesterol and triglycerides level of the dieters on almonds was also found to be better compared to those who did not have any nuts.



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