NCR Traffic Police Creates Green Corridor to Transfer Heart for Transplant

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Jan 06, 2015

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Green Corridor TransplantLife of a 16-year old boy was saved by the efforts of Delhi and Gurgaon traffic police on Saturday when they created a green corridor to facilitate transportation of a donor’s heart by travelling a distance of 32 kms in just 29 minutes.

A green corridor was created by the traffic police to make sure quicker transportation was provided, which was in response to a request by hospital authorities.

Green corroder is a special travel route which is without red lights to make sure that the transfer is made in minimum time. The traffic signals in this corridor have been put on manual mode.

A convoy of ambulance, traffic police vehicles and 23 police personnel reportedly were seen travelling through the Mehrauli-Gurgaon and Mehrauli-Badarpur roads at a speed of above 100 kms per hour.

Another similar green corridor was created in Chennai last year after a donor’s heart was being transported in only 14 minutes to the recipient. This saved the life of a 21-year old student.

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