Gestational Diabetes: When to Seek Medical Help

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Aug 23, 2011

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Gestational Diabetes When to Seek Medical Help

Gestational diabetes develops in about 4% of all the pregnancies. As the risk of complications in pregnancy and delivery are increased in women with gestational diabetes you should be aware of when to contact your doctor if you have gestational diabetes. Read to know more on when to call a doctor for gestational diabetes. Contact your doctor if you have gestational diabetes and:

  • If there is a change or decrease in the pattern of foetal movements (or foetal kick) or you stop having them.
  • If you are on insulin and have not discussed with your doctor regarding the measures to be taken in case of low blood sugar levels.
  • If you are on insulin and have not discussed with your doctor regarding the measures to be taken in case of high blood sugar levels.
  • If your blood sugar level remains less than 70 mg/dL after following the steps as advised by your doctor for dealing with low blood sugar.
  • If your blood sugar level fluctuates (becomes high or low) and you are taking your insulin injection as recommended by your doctor.
  • If you have symptoms suggestive of high blood sugar, such as increased thirst, increased urination, increased hunger, and blurred vision.
  • If you have not been feeling well for more than 2 days (unless it is a mild illness, such as a cold) and you:
    1. Have been vomiting repeatedly or have had diarrhoea for more than 6 hours.
    2. Have symptoms, suggestive of high blood sugar (such as feeling very thirsty and weak).
    3. Have tried treatment at home as recommended by your doctor but they have not worked.
    4. Have consistently high blood sugar levels.

Women with gestational diabetes should get emergency medical care if:

  • She is feeling sleepier, is losing consciousness or is unconscious.
  • If she has symptoms suggestive of low blood sugar which do not improve after being given sugar.
  • Blood sugar level is less than 50 mg/dL and is vomiting.

Gestational diabetes increases the risk of complications for both the baby and mother but if it is properly managed its adverse effects on both the mother and the baby can be prevented.


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