For a Smile Without Gum Show

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Oct 01, 2012

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For a Smile Without Gum Show

While Mona Lisa has been epitomised on a canvas, the Elvis Presley snarl is what stands as your best bet to a good smile. Too gummy you say? Well, here is the good news.

Doctors have discovered a way to get rid of your ugly gummy smile without the need for a surgery! Two injections in the levator labii superioris nasalis or the Elvis Presley muscle can improve your chances for a gum free smile. This muscle is attached to the upper frontal process of the maxilla. It dilates the nostril and pulls the upper lip upwards during a smile. It has been re-named after the king of rock and roll as it also comes into play when someone snarls. Elvis was a master at it.

Two injections of botulinium toxin were given to 52 people with a gummy smile or any show of gum that extends beyond two millimeters. Patients who were given the injections are happier with their new smiles and it lasts for up to three months. The score card of this magical secret reads 9.75 out of 10. Researchers have also said that this injection can also be used to treat lopsided smiles. This is done by varying the amount of toxin used in either side of the nose.


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Your jail house rock just got gum free people. Congrats!


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