For Men: New Body Suit to Reshape Moobs, Beer Bellies

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Sep 25, 2012

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fat men showing belly fat

Promising to make moobs and beer belly a thing of the past, a new all-in-one body shaper has been launched in the UK. Mansie, the body suit, has been compared to the trimming and slimming underwear for women called Spanx. The manufacturers reported that the compression fabric used in making the 15 points suit smoothes and tones the body’s shape while the supporting panels across the stomach and waistline help in covering the hip area. The suit also comes with support for the lower back and ventilated panels that help in slimming down the bottom and thighs.

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George Brand Director, Fiona Lambert, stressed that men are always on the look-out for new technology and innovation to reduce their wobbly bits. The launch of the slimming suit has followed the emergence of moob tube vest and Bodysculpt trunks that were sold out within minutes after they were put up in stores the previous year. George Brand decided to develop the body suit after carrying out a research, which showed that about 69% of men felt that they had overindulged in food and beer this summer.


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