Eye Infections Due to Holi Colours

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Mar 04, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Use of green synthetic colour can cause temporary blindness.
  • Gray patch appears on the retina and blocks sight.
  • Delayed treatment can cause loss of sight.
  • Itching, tearing, burning can be caused by use of artificial colours.

Our eyes are among those body parts, which are extremely susceptible during Holi. Uses of synthetic colours that are composed of chemicals possess a great threat to one’s eyes.  The artificial green colour used on holi comes from copper sulphate. Exposure to this chemical can result in eye allergy, temporary blindness and conjunctivitis (pink eye).  These eye threats are discussed below:

Eye Problems On Holi

Temporary Blindness

Use of green synthetic colour on holi can cause temporary blindness.  Also called fleeting blindness, it is a type of sudden vision loss or blurred vision. It may also be a partial vision loss. A gray patch appears on the retina and blocks the sight. Temporary blindness can last for a few minutes, few hours or for rest of your life. It is a serious medical complication and therefore, should not be ignored. A delayed treatment can lead to complete loss of sight. Not only holi colours but also sprays or mace can result in temporary blindness. Once a colour gets into your eye, quickly wash your eye with cold water. Washing eyes will protect your eyes from losing sight. While playing holi, ensure that your eyes are protected with sunglasses.

Eye Problems On Holi

Eye Allergy

Eye allergy post holi is fairly common. Symptoms of eye allergy include redness of the eye, itching, tearing, burning, stinging and watery discharge. Eyelids become inflamed and, sometimes, you may experience blurred vision. The longer the synthetic colour is in the eye, the more damage it will cause. You can save yourself from eye allergy post holi by washing your eye immediately with plain water and continue washing for at least 10 minutes. The particles of the chemical will wash away and you will feel relaxed. There are a number of eye drops that can help you relieve eye allergy.

Have a safe Holi!

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