Even Boys “Die” To Be Thin

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Mar 09, 2012

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Boys Die To Be ThinGetting thin or skinny is something that not only girls crave for; even the guys die to become thin. Boys too suffer from anorexia and bulimia.

Nowadays, men are more inclined towards fashion. They want to look perfect and for them perfect look means to become thin with no unwanted fat deposits in waist areas and in other body parts. To become thin quickly, they start following all the harmful ways. They become anorexic.

According to the researchers of Eating Disorders Association (EDA), boys have different ways to become thin than girls. Generally girls starve to become thin, but boys start over-exercising, be it gymming or any sports, to remove those extra fats from their body.  

In case of teenage boys, parental pressure can be a factor for their urge to become thin. Sometimes fitness freak parents pressurize their kids to remain thin as they feel being thin is synonymous with being healthy. Researchers have found that any kind of emotional or sexual exploitation of boys also causes eating disorders in them, though it’s not medically proven yet.

Boys die to become thin to get the attention of girls. In the west girls prefer to date thin boys. Getting thin has become a modern day trend for boys. There are many healthy ways too that boys follow to get thin such as eating food containing vitamin C and antioxidants and by proper exercising, but these take time. Those who over-exercise do not realise that it can only give short term benefits.

Fashion and movies portray a very negative image of fat boys. It is shown that fat boys are always losers in their life and they never excel in anything. This image motivates the guys to remain as thin as possible. So media, in a way is responsible for creating a mentality in boys that if you are thin, you look sexy and smart.



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