Does eating sugar cause acne?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 28, 2013

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Whether eating sugar can cause acne or not has been a much debated topic over the years. Both diabetics and non-diabetics have been victims of chronic acne problems. Following are a few truths about how affects the body.

  • Sugar intake does affect the hormones. This is because once sugar is consumed the hormonal levels become active, especially in  diabetics. Sugar can cause acne if it mixes with the immediate toxins and hormones in the body and thereby further polluting the blood. But one must clearly understand that sugar alone cannot cause the rise of toxins in blood.
  • Hormones such as androgen and insulin stay hyperactive in diabetic patients. Any sugar intake might cause irritation and flare ups in the skin as the sebaceous glands accelerate oil production in the face.  .
  • For non-diabetics, starch and carbohydrates, if consumed in excess, might cause the acne to flare up in no time. But crystallized sugar alone cannot produce acne if taken moderately. This is because the body needs some sugar to metabolise the food eaten during the day
  • The problem might be in the liver. Liver malfunctions produce acne as the toxins are not sufficiently pumped out of the body. In such cases, the water therapy is advisable to cure acne. One must diligently follow the water therapy and move towards a healthier living.
  • If you are a chronic acne patient, then avoid eating processed foods and carbonated drinks. These are loaded with highly concentrated levels of sugar and can aggravate acne in the skin.

One must realise that sugar makes worse an already heightened case of acne. Sugar alone does not have the capacity to trigger acne!



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