Does shaving cause acne?

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Jan 29, 2013

Does shaving cause acneShaving over a period of time causes a visible abrasion in the follicle of the hair causing dirt to accumulate more frequently. This leads to acne that is popularly know as shaving bumps. Ever wondered why this happens Shaving can cause the worst form of acne that can leave permanent scars. It is also responsible for innumerable blackhead outbreaks.. Shaving is simply supposed to pluck the blade of hair from the surface follicle. However, sometimes  small facial hair get trapped in the skin, popularly known as undergrowth., When squeezed or scratched on, it leads to swelling and skin irritation.

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Let us understand the process in detail and how to prevent acne from shaving:

  • Most men and women shave so quick that the skin does not get the time to register the process. Before the razor blade touches the skin, the hair follicles need to be softened. Give the entire process of shaving 15 minutes in total to ensure that the skin stays blemish free. Wet the skin with warm water followed by an application of the shaving foam evenly. Let the foam stay on the face for a minute. Then start shaving. The wet hair follicles cut smooth and promise a smooth shaving experience.
  • Skin is constantly in the process of renewal. This makes acne a complex process altogether. Acne appearing on your face may have taken a week to register the dirt or must have been shaving bumps first. Shaving tends to leave open pores on your skin. This is precisely why when men or women who shave for the first time experience acne or shaving bumps almost immediately..
  • Never compromise on the quality of the shaving cream.
  • Choose your blade with care. A bad quality blade will not fully remove the hair leaving some. The epidermis grows on this uncut hair causing undergrowth. It is always preferred to use a single blade to prevent acne due to shaving.
  • Waxing and shaving work in different ways. While waxing, the hair is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Shaving follows a different mechanism. While shaving one should always follow the direction of the growth of hair. This does not leave the pores open.

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  • Always use a toner, an aftershave lotion or rose water after shaving to stop the pores from clogging. Lotions containing salicylic are also recommended.
  • Never scrub vigorously right after you shave. This is harmful for the skin causing zits and white heads which lead to acne.
  • If you see acne appearing on the surface of the epidermis after you shaved, then skip shaving for at least 15—20 days. Shaving on the acne can infect the bumps further and dry the skin out considerably.
  • If a particular hair strand remains uncut even after shaving do not keep shaving that area. This damages the skin and bleeding might cause scarring in the later stages.

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