Diabetes risks 63 million people in India now , doubled in last 13 years

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Apr 01, 2016

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The world is fighting against deadly diseases like Zika and HIV but lifestyle diseases like diabetes are affecting millions of people every year in world.



WHO  reported that number of diabetic patients double in last 13 years in India.It is expected that this disease is going to affect around 101.2 million people in next 15 years.


The advancement in technologies and changed lifestyle has risked the life  for many lifestyle disorders like diabetes.Diabetes is linked to many diseases like cardio vascular disorders,kidney failure,heart diseases,urine inconteinence,diabetes adenopathy and many more.


Diabetes is less deadly in comparision to heart diseases and cancer but it affects the the performane of individual in later years of their life.Problems of urine incontinence arise with poor vision is most common amongst elderly people.


Socio economical burden of this disease will increase in coming years as predicted by experts.Already the spent annual amount on diabetes treatment is four fold of the amount allocated by central government.It is also expected that the budget for this disease will elevate by 20-30% every year.


WHO has recommended to regulate the packed foods available in market.It implies to the use of proper label to food items so that an individual can decide whether to have the food or not.  

According to WHO data for year 2015,about 75,900 males and 51,700 females died due to diabetes.


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