Dengu Shock Syndrome in Children

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Jul 14, 2011

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Dengu Shock Syndrome in Children

Dengue shock syndrome is a public health concern because of its potentially fatal consequences. It is the most severe condition of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). It needs to be addressed as early as possible in an infected person. It can cause profuse bleeding to the patient if not detected early for prompt treatment. To evaluate the risk of dengue shock syndrome in children, many surveys have been carried out by various health agencies.

Some Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) symptoms specific to children are –

  • Pale skin colour, coolness due to sweating especially on hands, nose, tip of the toes, and nails turn blue.
  • The circulatory system of the child suffers badly leading to neurological symptoms and even coma. Pulse of the patient also goes down because of this.
  • Capillary leakage leading to pleural effusion (fluid build up in the cavity between lungs and chest).
  • Low count of white blood cells, which affects immunity.

A survey conducted in hospital patients suffering from dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in India for Journal of Tropical Paediatrics revealed that out of 483 patients with DHF and 78 with DSS, children above the age of 5 years were more at risk of contracting this disease. The tests were conducted based on the various clinical and biochemical parameters. This study was published in the March 2011 edition of the paediatrics journal.

The shock-like state of DHF is called DSS and it can have very serious consequences on the patient. If you find your child suffering from any of the symptoms, visit a doctor immediately.


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