Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

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Jun 28, 2012

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Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Won’t it be boring to simply make a call and inform your parents or friends that you’re pregnant? While some parents and older relatives do prefer this traditional way, but surely you would still want to make your pregnancy announcement in a much creative manner. Read some of these interesting ways of informing your folks about your pregnancy and choose the one that suits you the best! Hey new mommy, are you ready?

Organise a Baby-themed Dinner/Lunch

Plan a special I-am-pregnant lunch or dinner for your folks. This will be fun; you get to prepare baby food, such as baby back ribs and bake cupcakes! Everybody loves at least one food item that has baby memories associated with it. For instance, if your cousin loves baby carrot, offer them some! Make way for apparent cues and see their reactions.

Capture their Reaction

Now, there are two ways of doing this and both are fun! You can either wait for them to react to the special baby-themed party you’d organise for them and click them as the day progresses or you could resort to this old “let’s click a family photograph”.

Get them to pose and instead of saying “Everybody, say cheese”, you can ask them to say, “Everybody, say XYZ (your name) is pregnant. You will get surprised expressions, some in tears while some would just spring with happiness.  And, there you have a perfect, unconventional family photograph! If not a photograph, you can record too. Years later, it will be fun for your kid to see this.

Gift your Family Members

This is going to be a fun way of letting your immediate family and friends know about your pregnancy. You can either send a parcel or invite them home for tea and give them the customised t-shirts. These customised t-shirts will have “Grandma”, “Grandpa”, “uncle, “and aunt” written on them.  Get a camcorder, shoot everyone unwrapping the gift and there you have another memory to reflect on before the baby arrives, and of course later too!

Send an Announcement

If coming over for dinner or quick tea isn’t feasible for your family or if you are in a budget-fix, you could just send them an announcement letter with baby items, such as baby cups, baby toys, diaper, baby t-shirts. It will be a more personalised gesture of sharing joy. Make sure you ink your due date and a personalised note!

Joy multiplies when shared. Write to us and let us know how you rejoiced with your family!


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