Common Discomforts During Pregnancy

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May 25, 2012
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Common discomforts during pregnancy

When you get pregnant, your body witnesses a spectrum of changes. These changes could be an increase in body weight, hormone fluctuation and mood swings.

Some discomforts you may face during pregnancy are listed below:

Nausea and Vomiting

Up to 70% women experience mild to normal levels of nausea during the first three months of pregnancy.  This condition is termed as “morning sickness”, but women usually face these symptoms throughout the day.  Eat small portions of meals at regular intervals and do not be on an empty stomach for long hours during pregnancy. Ensure that you eat high protein snacks to stabilise your metabolism and maintain blood sugar levels.


Pregnant women usually experience constipation because of an increased level of progesterone which relaxes the muscles in the digestives track. The digested food moves through the intestine slowly resulting in constipation. During pregnancy ensure that you consume high fibre food items. Drink plenty of fluids. Juices high on fibre content will be a good option.


Being pregnant is not all about happiness of conceiving a child. It saps you of your energy, drops your body glucose levels and creates a sense of perpetual tiredness and fatigue. For a petite woman, conceiving can add on to their woes. Fatigue is a common form of discomfort faced by women predominantly during their first trimester.

Fatigue and insomnia tend to reoccur during the last month of pregnancy as well. A hot shower, massage or a hot drink will aid you in the rejuvenating and relaxation process.  Remember that only if you take care of yourself can you take care of your baby.


A very common problem faced by women is leg cramps. This occurs because you are carrying your weight and your child’s weight puts an added pressure on your knees. Increase your calcium intake not just in your food but also take a calcium supplement to enable your body to cope with physiological changes during pregnancy


Lower back pain is a common complaint of pregnant women. This occurs owing to the baby weight which causes a change in the posture. Do not stand in one position for longer durations. Pelvic rock exercise will help you ease the pain as it will strengthen the lower back muscles and removed stress experienced by the back owing to an increases weight on the front of the body.


These are common discomforts faced by pregnant women, but can be effectively addressed by following the above mentioned guidelines.


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