Common Conditions Leading to Weight Gain

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Jul 04, 2011

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Hypothyroidism: this is the most common medical condition which is found to be the reason behind unexplained weight gain. A deficiency of thyroid hormone can reduce metabolism rate which causes appetite loss and weight gain.


Cushing’s syndrome: a rare disorder caused by the excess of hormone cortisol which can cause weight gain.


Essential fatty acid deficiency: as the name suggests this type of fat is essential for the body normal functioning. Deficiency of essential fatty acids disrupts hormonal production and metabolism which can affect eating habits leading to cravings for unhealthy fats.


Prescription drug use: steroids, antidepressants, medication for hypertension and diabetes can cause weight gain. Hormone Replacement Therapy and oral contraceptive pills too lead to gradual weight gain.


Organ disease in form of enlargement, improper functioning and problems in the lymphatic system can lead to weight gain. Improper functioning of liver or kidneys can also lead to weight gain which is not in the form of fat deposits but is water retention. A general puffiness is observed all over the body.


Blood sugar problems: increased blood sugar levels due to consumption of refined carbohydrates like chocolates and junk food causes secretion of hormone insulin. As insulin is produced, sugar gets stored aside causing lowered blood sugar levels. This in turn causes more cravings especially for sweets to balance blood sugar levels of the body.


Stress: weight gain can also be bought about by emotional or stressful situations which trigger the habit of overeating. Bingeing is often seen in people who are dealing with a life crisis or everyday troubles. Food and alcohol is what people turn to for respite causing weight gain.


Lack of sleep: a surprising reason behind weight gain can be the lack of sleep which is stressful for the body and mind. Biochemical changes happen in the body which also results in storing fat which is not needed.


Genes: the tendency of gaining weight easily sometimes may lie in the genes. Genes play a role in the appetite of a person but this is not to say that obesity is genetic.


Food habits: dietary patterns form right from childhood and are difficult to change in adulthood. Preferences for certain foods can lead to weight gain.


Lethargic and inactive lifestyle: people who do not exercise regularly are naturally prone to putting on the excess kilos.


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