Cholesterol-lowering Drugs can Help Treat Asthma

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Jul 30, 2012

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Cholesterol lowering Drugs can Help Treat Asthma

Cholesterol-lowering drugs along with inhaled corticosteroids may lower asthma complications, suggest a study conducted at University of Mississippi. Asthma patients will benefit from the cholesterol-lowering drugs, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of statins.

In the medical trial, 479 patients on statins and inhaled corticosteroids, while 958 just taking corticosteroids, were observed. The former group reported one asthma-related hospitalisation in 3.79 per cent, whereas hospitalisation percentage was 6.47 per cent in the later group.

Consultant physician Shahid Hamid at Princess Royal University Hospital in Kent explained that statins can be used beyond the treatments for heart conditions. Owing to their anti-inflammatory properties, the statins can help treat inflammatory conditions, such as asthma. He also made a mention of patients hospitalised for pneumonia being better prognosis when given statins.

It will be too early to prescribe statins for asthma patients because of the possible side effects, stated Hamid.


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