Eye Movements Don't Imply Lying

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Jul 13, 2012

Eye Movements Dont Imply Lying

‘Lying eyes is a myth’, claims a research study. A research panel, led by Caroline Watt from the UK's University of Edinburgh debunked the popular notion that looking right is a sign of a lie and reverse eye movement suggests that a person is telling the truth.

Researchers recorded the eye movements of first group of volunteers, as they told lies and truth. A second group of volunteers was asked to watch the recording and identify lies by watching their eye movements. Volunteers couldn’t make out between lies and truth.

After an inconclusive video test, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) was done to figure out if there is any link. It turned out to be a failed attempt by NLP practitioners who cannot improve lie detection skills of second group of volunteers.

A follow-up study involved analysing videos of high-profile press conferences, in which some were telling the truth while others were lying. Similar to first two tests, volunteers couldn’t spot lies and truth.

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